Dr. Ariel Drori shares his entrepreneurial journey, inspiring story in the battle field, and exciting work Co-Founding ThoraXS!

The ModernMD: Dr. Ariel Drori

Dr. Ariel Drori is the Co-Founder of ThoraXS, a single step, rapid life saving solution for treating pneumothorax. ThoraXS is a one-handed thoracic portal opener that shortens the procedure time of chest-tube insertion from minutes to less than 30 seconds. Dr. Drori is an Attending Internal Medicine physician at Hadassah University Medical Center and graduate of The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

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Ariel is a practicing Internal Medicine physician at Hadassah University Medical Center. He also is a reserve medical doctor in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). During one of his military services, a soldier was shot by his sniper suffering a chest trauma and a pneumothorax. Listen as Ariel shares his battle field story that inspired the creation of ThoraXS.


The Idea: Pneumothorax is a medical emergency caused by chest trauma and is responsible for about one-third of preventable deaths on the battle field. Listen as Dr. Drori share his inspiration for the creation of ThoraXS and big vision for saving lives.

Success: Rapid medical innovation through BioDesign! Ariel shares the value of BioDesign program that brings the best and brights together to solve medicines most challenging problems.

What is BioDesign: A multi-disciplinary, team-based approach to medical innovation, created by Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Medical Center in partnership with Stanford University.

Success: ThoraXS has simple mechanism that allows for an innovative one-handed solution that shortens the chest tube procedure time.


Best Advice: Never quit! Don’t take “No” as an answer.

Daily Success Habit: Ariel has busy schedule and wakes up early to review and plan his day.

Healthcare Trends:

Information Technology: How can we best organize and transfer patient data? Healthcare is moving into an information technology era with large amount of patient data accumulating.

Patient Safety: How can we improve patient safety and quality care? Patient expect excellent high quality care and have less tolerance for mistakes.


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