Curated dinner experiences
with medical industry leaders.

For brilliant connections over nature’s great medicine: food. 

Is your natural habitat a stiff medical conference?
Didn’t think so. That’s why we host dinner parties for
doctors. Not for ego pumping or ladder-climbing…
for genuine connection and collaboration.



The ModernMD Dinner Club experience was amazing! It was so refreshing to meet so many physicians with diverse, innovative, and impactful ideas.  Hearing about each person’s passion projects was inspirational but the thing that amazed me the most was seeing the group collaborate with constructive feedback and different takes on those projects.  The food and venue was also incredible – we had a private patio and photographer! Each one of us came away from that dinner with new ideas, deeper connections, and full bellies! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to meet others in medicine who love to innovate and collaborate.

R. Jason Yong, MD MBA
Associate Chief, Division of Pain Medicine
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

How It Works

Apply to Join

We take applications to ensure values align and conversation flows. Also, so we can seat you by someone you should meet.

Receive Invitations

Seats will be reserved on a first-come basis, and we cap the dinners at 16. Grab your seat when you get the email.

Discover Your People

The magic begins when you arrive. We host speakers,serve nourishing cuisine and talk about changing the world in a movie-worthy atmosphere.

Past Events


Brainstorm your
message and
career path

Unwind from
weeks (or decades)
of shifts

Collaborate in

Hear from guest
speakers and grow
your mastery

Finally take time to re-charge and

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What do you mean by “Dinner Experience?”

You’ll create stories for your grandkids with unique locations and dinner themes.

Doctors spend a lot of time in not-so- creative environments.


That’s why our dinners feature creative chefs, interesting spaces, and nutritional menus.

If you have dietary restrictions, add it to your application and we can accomodate.

Wine and cocktails included

Semi-formal “very you” attire

Guest list shared after the even

Coming soon: ModernMD Retreats

Our business friends have awesome mastermind retreats. Why not us?

When it comes to deep thinking and recouperation, most doctors need several days away
from their normal routine.

We believe you should have the space to create your personal mission and design your next career stage.

That’s why we’re coordinating a retreat to re-assess your professional path… and start
to imagining your personal brand.

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Supplement your high-achieving schedule with great conversation and a place to unwind.

Dinners held virtually until in-person events can resume safely.