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Being on the front lines can be isolating.

As a home hospital physician, I know what it’s like to work  nonstop and feel like you’re the only one.
I believe working in medicine can be about connection and impact… and that’s what the ModernMD community is about.

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The ModernMD dinner was such a refreshing experience. Thank you, Greg. It was as equally enjoyable to the senses as it was instructive to the mind. Personally, not only was it a treat to enjoy private dining of a delicious multi-course family style meal with new and old friends but it was most insightful to learn the amazing projects and innovations that each of the guests were curating in their diverse worlds. Here I was as a Performance-minded Yogi/Interventional Radiologist with unrelated Resilience|Wellness and Risk Management projects chatting with impressive peer innovators in industry, medical journalism, and home care. We shared, we laughed, we helped each other restrategize on our challenges of the moment. It was fellowship at its best. I would encourage any MD in New England invested in developing a rich network of doers and peer-mentors to join.

Mikhail C.S.S. Higgins, MD MPH

Founder, RISQCS
Assistant Professor,
Division of Interventional Radiology,
Boston Medical Center

You don’t have to do the “doctor career” by yourself.

Years of training. Endless hours of practice and experience. Less and less time for life.
Even though the money and credentials seem successful…

Isn’t there more?

I get what it’s like to have an entrepreneurial spirit that gets restless of clinical life. Here, we can find real community and connect about ideas, projects, and innovations that make our lives meaningful and our careers purposeful.

• Founder of Dr. Gregory medical products for home care. 
• Two-time startup co-founder
• Associate Physician at Bringham and Women’s Home Hospital
• Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School
• Host of the ModernMD Podcast – the first physician/entrepereneur podcast
• Early innovator in value-based payment at Remedy Partners (when it was a startup!)
• … See more on LinkedIn

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ModernMD Podcast

This is not a heady talk show with the another noted Dr. Ego.

This is a rare conversation where medical experts and entrepreneurs share the raw stories of building their own unique success and innovating medical care.

If you’ve ever thought, “is it even possible for me to be successful on my terms?” … then this podcast is for you.




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