About Dr. Gregory

It’s totally a system, 1s and 0s.

Things work in a certain way, and hopefully your mission on the planet fits into that box. But if you’re like me, the day has come where a rogue thought has crossed your mind…

“Is this the best way I can serve the world?”
“How can I help people in big ways… without more hours?”
“Is this all there is for me?”
“I see so many ways to improve how this (insert medical SOP) works…”

Or, the big one that got me:

“Is this what I consider ‘success’?”

Do any of those questions resonate? If so, then I get it. I had wanted to be a doctor since I was 12, and I worked to establish a clinic in Ethiopia by 21. By the time I went to medical school and walked into traditional medicine, I felt a little boxed in.

I felt the need to make a broader impact than was available in medical school, so I dove into entrepreneurship. When I graduated, I joined an innovative value-based-payment startup and found my entrepreneurial spurs.
When I went back to medicine, the years of clinical training taught me so much about my love for patient care. But I was drained, and I knew I had more to give. With so many ideas to improve medicine and a passion to serve more people, I was determined to find another way.

So, I decided to build a platform for doctors to connect and expand their impact. I’m inviting you into a community of pioneering medical experts who are ready to innovate our own path. Here, you’ll find support from like-minded professionals to build your dream career.

Inside this community and at our dinners, you can explore your ideas and connect with other
brilliant people like you. When you join the talent label (coming soon) and launch your own brand, my team and I will help you clarify your message and build a website you totally love.
When you see it, you’ll realize how much bigger your life can become.

So, schedule a call to talk about your vision to transform people’s lives across the planet. And
in the meantime, sign up for our dinner club so we can meet you and jam on industry innovation.

Till our next jam session,

Dr. Gregory Goodman

Our ModernMD´s


The ModernMD Dinner Club experience was amazing! It was so refreshing to meet so many physicians with diverse, innovative, and impactful ideas.  Hearing about each person’s passion projects was inspirational but the thing that amazed me the most was seeing the group collaborate with constructive feedback and different takes on those projects.  The food and venue was also incredible – we had a private patio and photographer! Each one of us came away from that dinner with new ideas, deeper connections, and full bellies! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to meet others in medicine who love to innovate and collaborate.

R. Jason Yong, MD MBA
Associate Chief, Division of Pain Medicine
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

When brilliant minds get together...
we can transform healthcare and have fun doing it

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