Dr. Sandeep Pulim shares his journey learning, creating, and building healthcare technology.

The ModernMD: Dr. Sandeep Pulim

Dr. Sandeep Pulim, MD is the Chief Medical Information Officer at @PointofCare, and Venture Partner of LiftOff Health. Previously, Sandeep Co-founded Health Recovery Solutions, which created a unique mobile platform to engage patients and their families and connect them with providers in hospitals to reduce readmissions. Sandeep is an advisor at the Blueprint Health accelerator. He previously served as Senior Medical Editor at MDLinx, an award-winning, medical information tool that aggregated information from 1,200 medical journal sources to keep healthcare professionals up to date.


“Learn something new everyday”

Sandeep Pulim


After graduating with his MD, Sandeep took a break from the traditional pathway to focus on important family matters and started a digital media company. Sandeep wanted to use his clinical background in a more meaningful way and worked with Stephen Smith, co-founder of Medscape, at MDLinx to build their clinical content, editorial team, and user base.  Below are some highlights:

What are the key skills for a physician entrepreneur?

Everyone has different talents. To be a successful physician entrepreneur, you must learn new skills and figure out your strengths.


The Idea: How can mobile tools be used to manage obesity? Created a program that would send a series of daily health challenges to patients that would build and escalate to keep patients engaged. 

Failures: Hackatons are a great way to validate an idea, but are not enough to confirm if you have a real business. Sandeep missed the enrollment deadline for for Blueprint Health 2nd class and did get an opportunity to build the company.

Success: Joined Blueprint Health as an advisor and met Health Recovery Solutions team.


Best advise: Make sure you are always doing the right thing when no one else is around.   

Healthcare trends: Many opportunities are being driven by the Accountable Care Act and the Triple Aim – Better quality, lower cost and better access. Listen as Sandeep breaks down the large healthcare trends which include payment models, delivery, preventive health, data, and mobile.


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