Listen as Dr. Jeffrey Gold shares his vision for the future of primary care and passion for delivering care the way it was intended - through trust, openness, and investing in the doctor-patient relationship.

The ModernMD: Dr. Jeffrey Gold

Dr. Jeffrey Gold is the Founder of Gold Direct Care, one the first Direct Primary Care practices in Massachusetts. A family physician by training, he attended the University of Massachusetts Medical School. After completing his residency in Arizona, he moved back home to Massachusetts and worked for the North Shore Physicians Group. Jeff was continuously frustrated with the traditional system and with a passion for improving care deliver and patient experience he launched Gold Direct Care.


“If opportunity doesn’t knock build a door.”

Milton Berle


Jeff never saw himself as an entrepreneur, but grew up in small retail business family and was inspired by his parents and grandparents. Jeff completed his residency training in family medicine and joined a traditional primary care practice after graduation. During his work in the traditional system he saw the role of doctors as assembly line worker with limitations to perform their greatest skills of creative problem solve and building strong patient-doctor relationships. Jeff was frustrated with the current system and decided to launch Gold Direct Care!

Why Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Traditional system of primary care is complex with increased demands on coding and shorter visit times. Direct primary care lets you build a high quality practice with simple payment, longer visit times, and better doctor-patient relationships.

Advice for launching DPC practice:

  • Physicians are not well training in the business of medicine. Surround yourself with people who you trust and can provide complementary skills and knowledge.
  • Admit when you don’t know something.
  • You must have your WHY but you might need help with the HOW!
  • Build two models scenarios when you are getting started: Your Best & Worst case scenarios.
  • If it does not work out… You will always have a JOB.


DPC Big Insights:

  • Insurance does not mean healthcare.
  • A large portion of healthcare is expensive, but not primary care.
  • Healthcare economics is complex and the goal should be to find simple solutions to complex problems.
  • DPC has a strong “heart beat” and will require a ground up approach for success.


The Idea: Gold Direct Primary Care (DPC) – Committed to delivering primary care as it was intended! Listen as Jeff shares his entrepreneurial journey launching one of Massachusetts first DPC practices.

Challenges: Jeff shares some of his challenges launching his practice including: Negotiating and navigating state laws and polices on insurance, financial viability, scalability, and concerns of quality and oversight.

Insights: Health is accomplished through a reliable and trusting partnership between physicians and patients.

Success: Studied and modeled his practice using other successful Direct Primary Care practices in the country. Jeff uses innovative technology platforms to enhance and improve care including: RubiconMD an e-consult specialists platform and Twine Health a collaborative care platform.


Best Advice: Nothing good comes easy!

Daily Success Habit: Admit the things you don’t know on a day to day basis. Focus on your strengths but continue to educate yourself on your weakness.

Healthcare Trends:

On-Demand Care: Patient having access to on demand care with trusted primary care doctor.

Individualized Care: Personalize care to meet your patients needs.

Old School: Just simple old school medicine = Patient + Doctor!



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