Dr. Ramesh Subramani shares his passion for patient driven care, exciting work at Analyte Health, and insights from his new book "Health on Demand".

The ModernMD: Dr. Ramesh Subramani

Dr. Ramesh Subramani is the Chief Medical Officer at Analyte Health, a digital diagnostics triage company with a doctor-guided digital system that helps patients get convenient, faster, and cost-effective care. Dr. Subramani is the author of “Health on Demand”, an Amazon Best Seller. Previously, Ramesh served as Vice President of New Leaf Venture Partners, Strategy Consultant at McKinsey & Company, and Assistant Professor & Directory of Global Health – Emergency Medicine at Northwestern University.


“Don’t just go through any open door, open the doors that you want to walk through.”



Dr. Ramesh Subramani’s career blends his work in emergency medicine, venture investing, McKinsey strategist, and digital health disruptor. His passion for technology started at an early age with computer programing and robots. He saw the opportunity for how technology could fit into healthcare.

What does it mean to be a doctor? How can technology hack healthcare?

Ramesh transformed his thinking from one-one patient care to healthcare system level transformation and focused on how technology could hack healthcare. In medical school, he completed both his MBA and MPH to broaden his system level knowledge and better understand the different aspects of healthcare. He initially pursed a traditional track completing his residency in emergency medicine and becoming an Assistant Professor. Listen as Ramesh shares his journey from traditional medicine to the entrepreneurial world.

What was your mindset as you left traditional practice?

Ramesh honored clinical practice and enjoyed the art of taking care of patients. He left clinical medicine to make a bigger impact into healthcare nationally and globally. Listen as he shares his baseball analogy for hitting a grand slam in healthcare!


The Idea: Analyte Health + “Health on Demand”!!

Analyte Health: How do you break down barrier to healthcare? How can you help consumers find actionable path to wellness? Listen as Dr. Subramani shares the mission and vision for Analyte health to discover the ways you can get diagnosed and tested.

“Health On Demand”: Insider Tips to Prevent Illness and Optimize Your Care in the Digital Age of Medicine.

Want to take control of your health?

Get an insiders perspective as Dr. Subramani shares his exciting insights from his new Amazon best seller.

How does technology allow patients to access and engage in their care?

Ramesh shares how we can bridge the gap between how we currently practice medicine and meet the wants of our patients. Ramesh shares the roadmap to faster, better, and smarter care.

How do physicians become more digitally savvy?


Best Advice: Ask for help! Get advice from mentors who you admire that are 5 to 10 years ahead in their career. Ask these mentors: “If they could do it all over again what would they do differently?”

Daily Success Habit: Cross things out and take them off your schedule and create a sense of focus.

Healthcare Trends:

Machine learning and predictive algorithms: Creating large data sets that will have the ability to correlate.

Patient-centered: Patients are becoming a bigger influence in the healthcare ecosystem and leading what happens in healthcare.



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