Dr. Vishaal Virani shares his entrepreneurial journey, passion for physician entrepreneurship, and exciting work at Doctorpreneurs.

The ModernMD: Dr. Vishaal Virani

Dr. Vishaal Virani is the Co-Founder of Doctorpreneurs, the global community for medical entrepreneurs with a mission to provide the next generation of entrepreneurs with the insights, network, and opportunities to lead innovative improvements in healthcare. Vishaal graduated from UCL Medical School in 2011 and completed his Foundation Training at William Harvey Hospital and King’s College Hospital in London. He then worked at Mansfield Advisors, a startup healthcare consultancy, analyzing business plans for medical technology companies and private hospital groups. Vishaal currently works as a management consultant at OC&C Strategy Consultants, where he specializes in retail, consumer goods and media.


“Focus on the journey not the destination.”



Vishaal practiced as a general practitioner after graduating medical school. He started exploring opportunities outside of the clinical world, and jumped full time into the consulting space. Listen as Vishaal shares his journey jumping off the cliff, his push-pull factors, and the story of Doctorpreneurs.

Your Medical Entrepreneur Road Map:

Gut Check: Where do you want to be in the next 10-20 years of your career? Are your mentors happy with their career? This is a good way to validate your options and career path.

Push-Pull Factor: What are the factors that push you out of traditional practice? What are the exciting features of a career outside of clinical practice that excite you? How do you balance these push-pull factors will help set your path.

Path: How do you begin? How do you get into the entrepreneurial world? Build a strong business foundation. Consulting can be a great way to build your on the job MBA and learn core business education and training.


The Idea: How do you build a global community medical entrepreneurs? Listen to the story of how Doctorpreneurs was founded and their mission to build a sustainable medical entrepreneurship community.

Success: Focus on maximizing impact with a strong core focus. The three main features of the Doctorpreneurs offering: Interviews of UK healthcare entrepreneurs, resources and events, and opportunities.


Best Advice:

1. Circumstances make you!

2. You never know when you are going to get good advice – Write it down and capture it. Vishaal believes in the magic of the little black note book!

  • 3. Put your efforts into passions not profits.

Daily Success Habit:

If you are going to do something daily it should be simple not ground breaking. Vishaal shares two daily success habits:

Immediate Email Response: Replies to emails straight away.

Take time for Lunch: Get outside the office, take time for lunch, and interact with people not just your computer.


Healthcare Trends:

Vishaal shares his biggest healthcare trends – Doctors should focus on making these trends more scientifically relevant!

Medical Student Entrepreneurship: Medical student increasing becoming interested in entrepreneurship. Their will be a growing number of physician founders and medical start up founded during medical school. 

Consumer Healthcare: People integrating healthily habits into their daily lives. Exercise is becoming a bigger part of lives with new type of classes and smart exercise wear.

Detox Holidays: Travel with the idea of health.

Healthy Eating: New focus on healthy eating and wellness.




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