Dr. Qi Li shares his love for technology, solving problems, and journey building innovative healthcare products.

The ModernMD: Dr. Qi Li

Dr. Qi Li, MD, MBA is a physician executive and Director of Global Product Innovation at InterSystems. Qi previously held product leadership roles at Harris Healthcare, Partners Healthcare, and several start-up healthcare IT companies. At Partners Healthcare in Boston, Dr. Li led the internal development of Longitudinal Medical Records (LMR) that was adopted enterprise wide by 7,000-plus physicians.


“The key is doing what you love”

Qi Li


Dr. Li shares his journey as world traveler and consultant before medical school. After graduating from Tufts MD/MBA program he transitioned straight into the business world. Listen as Dr. Li shares his experience leading and building breakthrough products for PatientKeeper, Partners Healthcare, Carefx and Intersystem. Below are a few highlights:

Was the transition easy?

Qi had a background in the consultant and was confident in his abilities to perform in the business world.

Have you had any challenges not doing a residency?

He always positions himself as a technologist with a clinical background and understanding of top-level healthcare goals.


The Idea: Are you idea person or operations person? Dr. Li shares his big idea at PatientKeeper to create the best user experience for physicians.

Failures: Expect ups and downs and learn to calculate risks. He is conservative with his overall approach to risk but aggressive with pushing product.

Lesson Learned: You cannot do everything yourself – learn to let others be responsible for core parts of what you want to achieve.


Books recommend: Blue Print to a Billion: Seven Essentials to Achieve Exponential Growth by David G. Thomson

Golden Prescriptions for your Success: Communication is key, learn to sell your ideas, and change your communication style to fit your audience.

Daily discipline: Reads The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) every morning.


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