Listen as Dr. David Best shares his entrepreneurial journey, passion for living on the edge, and the creative genius behind The Doctor’s Channel.

The ModernMD’s: Dr. David Best

Dr. David Best, MD, MBA, is the Founder and CEO of The Doctor’s Channel, a website for doctors with pointed, accurate, and brief content. David is the Co-Founder and CEO of MDea, a medical education company known in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry as one of the most creative medical education companies. Dr. Best is also the Co-Founder of BESTMSLs, a contract medical science liaison (MSL) company that was the very first scientifically credentialed MSL team.


“Stay on the edge, more happens there.”

Dr. David Best

“If you give the client what they already want, someone else will give them what they never dreamed possible.”

Dr. David Best


Dr. Best went down the standard medical path pursing a residency in Otolaryngology. During residency, David lost interest in day-to-day clinical practice and on a whim decided to write letters to top medical advertising agencies. Listen as Dr. Best landed a position on Madison Avenue in NYC working in the heart of the medical advertising world, building the first Medical Science Liaison teams, and founding of The Doctor’s Channel.



The Idea: With the age of media snacking, David wanted to give doctors what they wanted. Listen as David shares his journey founding The Doctor’s Channel.   Doctors like fun and love exciting content!

Success: Learn to have big belief in your yourself, your ideas, and take risks to make those ideas succeed.

Lesson Learned: Be fast, flexible, and quick to respond. Make sure to adequately test your ideas, and not with family/friends. In the early days of a start-up, it is hard to maintain a work-life balance.


Best Advice: Get your MBA after having experience in the business world. It will give you credibility the business industry.

Daily Success Habit: Bring your dog to work – it raises office moral and is a great marketing tool!

Healthcare Trends: There will be a rise in number nurse practitioners, with doctor’s spending more time behind screens with focus on delivering telemedicine.


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