Dr. Thomas Tsang shares his entrepreneurial journey and exciting work in behavioral healthcare at Valera Health.

The ModernMD: Dr. Thomas Tsang

Dr. Thomas Tsang, MD, MPH, FACP, is CEO and Co-Founder of Valera Health, an innovative behavioral healthcare company that offers an end-to-end service solution model for leveraging population analytic, digital personalized care plans and integrated approach to behavior health activation. Previously, Dr. Tsang was Chief Medical Officer of Merck Health Service Solutions, Congressional staffer, Medical Director at the Office of the National Coordinator, and Advisor to the Governor of Hawaii.


“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

Robert Kennedy


Dr. Tsang shares his career evolution from starting an internal medicine private practice, leading and building a community health center, his national and state healthcare policy work, and then his shift into the private sector at Merck and Valera Health.

What is your advice for medical students, residents, or physicians interested in healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship?

Build a network of role models and believe you can do anything.


The Idea: How do you integrate primary care and behavioral healthcare? Listen as Dr. Tsang shares exciting work at Valera Health as they revolutionize behavior healthcare delivery with personalized solutions to benefit patients, payers, providers, and employers.

Early Insights: Traction with new payment models and risk based group. Building a high touch and high tech approach with patient facing content and data to help patients best manage their disease.


Best Advice: The most optimal career involves one-third civil service, one-third non-profit, and one-third private sector work.

Daily Success Habit: Rule of three – Do something for another person, do something for your company, and do something for yourself.

Healthcare Trends: Healthcare is at a pivotal moment with delivery system reforms, payment reforms, and the availability of technology. Listen as Dr. Tsang shares his insights on healthcare innovation.


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