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Dr. Shaan Gandhi is the Chief Medical Officer of Wellable, a Boston-based startup focused on mobile incentives to promote health and wellness. Shaan is fascinated by the promise of IT solutions to enhance access, improve quality and reduce cost in health care. During medical school, he was a consultant at the TriZetto Corporation, a health care analytics firm focused on developing IT products for payers and providers.  Dr. Gandhi received his doctoral degree in medical oncology from the University of Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar, and MD/MBA joint degree from Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Gandhi is currently a resident physician in Internal Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.


“Everyday I organize my actions and to make sure I can point to one person that I helped today.”

Shaan Gandhi


Shaan’s passion for entrepreneurship was inspired by the work of his Principle Investigator during graduate school. Dr. Gandhi believes that entrepreneurship is integral to medicine and to drive improvements to the next generation of therapies for tomorrow patients.  Dr. Gandhi makes enjoys balancing clinical practice and thinking about the broader aspects of medicine. 

What is the best advise to medical students or residents interested in entrepreneurship?

Being in the medical system, you get to experience and see first hand the everyday challenges. Stay open minded and find a challenge that resonates with you. Explore other industries for solutions to healthcare biggest problems.


The Idea: Wellable is focused on increasing access to health and wellness programs for everyone.  Listen as Dr. Gandhi shares Wellable big mission to get people more active and empowered them to stay healthy and fit.

Lesson Learned: Things always take longer and require more work then you expected. The sales cycle can be up to 12-18 months so it is important to stay in close contact with prospects and continue to show the product value to their mission and work.


Best Advice: How do you create a great career?  Think about it like a venn- diagram with three circles: World class performance, passion, and create something that society values.- HBS professors

Daily Success Habit: When do you feel most productive? Align your schedule when you are most productive to work on project that are most important to you.  Listen to Shaan’s secrets about world class performance!

Healthcare Trends:

Extreme personalization: With a deeper understanding of biomedical science, each person is more unique than medicine has treated us. As we begin to develop detailed personalized profiles, we can tailor our approach and products treatment.

Universality: Physicians will be able to treat all aspects of someones health and create a more holistic approach!


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