Dr. John Moore shares his entrepreneurial journey, passion for empowering patients to lead their care, and the story of Twine Health.

The ModernMD: Dr. John Moore

Dr. John Moore, MD, PhD is Co-founder and CEO of Twine Health, a software platform that empowers patients to lead the management of their chronic diseases through a revolutionary new model of collaboration with clinicians. John is physician and technologist passionate about empowering patients to take the lead in their care and making it delightful for clinicians to support them in reaching their goals. Dr. Moore received his Medical Degree from Boston University School of Medicine and his PhD in Health Information Technology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


“What do I want in a doctor? Perhaps more than anything else - a friend with special knowledge.”

John Steinbeck


John was a biomedical engineer before going to medical school, with a dream of becoming a specialized retina surgeon. After transitioning from internship to residency, he realized that most care was managing chronic diseases in an visit-based system. John decided to leave clinical medicine to build a new type of continuous care and improve the relationship between the patient and physician. Listen as Dr. Moore shares his journey from physician to technologist and his goal of pushing the limits of patient lead care.


The Idea: How can care be more collaborative and continuous? Listen as Dr. Moore shares the journey of Twine Health and their big vision.

Success: Successful collaborative care is about establishing a relationship, improving a patients ability to receive and digest information, and building short feedback loops to reinforce actions and outcomes.

Lesson Learned: Twine’s platform allows the patient to do a lot of the daily work and improve target goal time, outcomes, and cost. Listen as John shares some exciting data and insights. 


Best Advice: “When you are an entrepreneur trying to do something disruptive in healthcare, you will get a lot of attention from a lot of people. The trick is not to get tempted by the huge opportunity that you are not prepared for.” – Jonathan Bush CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of athenahealth

Daily Success Habit: It is really about achieving success one day a time and building on that success. The key is having a strong philosophy in what you do.

Healthcare Trends:

Patient Driven: The future of medicine is about patient driven care; Allowing patients to better understand their disease process, learn about their health, and measure success.


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