Dr. Bradley Hennenfent shares his entrepreneurial journey and his big vision with Treatment Scores to quantify the science of medicine.

The ModernMD: Dr. Bradley Hennenfent

Dr. Bradley Hennenfent is the Founder of Treatment Scores Inc, a start up helping to quantify the science of medicine. Bradley is on a mission to invent the Science of Medicine system for the quantification of the Science of Medicine behind all medical treatments and clinical decisions. Before retiring from clinical medicine, Dr. Hennenfent was Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians.


The most important quality of a successful physician is impermeability

Dr. Clifford Pilz, University of Illinois College of Medicine.



Brad grew up on a farm with love for science and passion for invention. Listen as he shares his journey accidentally going to Northwestern, graduating medical school, and running and staffing emergency departments.



The Idea: How can we quantify of the science of medicine? Listen as Dr. Hennenfent shares how Treatment Scores improves a patients ability to understand complex medicine, statistics, and the net benefit for particular medical treatment.

Lessons Learned: Do you understand how your doctor makes treatment decisions? Patient have their health and life at stake and want to be empowered with shared decision making and transparency to make the best medical decisions.


Best Advice: Always do the right thing, keep learning, and read nonfiction books and autobiographies.

Daily Success Habit: Organization, organization, organization! Brad uses databases, lists, and notebooks to stay organized.

Healthcare Trends: Brad stays up to date with healthcare trends using twitter. @TreatmentScores



*** Please note a minor correction to the podcast recording, Dr. Hennenfent is not a current Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians.***

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