Dr. Nizar Taki shares his entrepreneurial journey starting Chronability, productivity secrets, and his big vision to change time management.

The ModernMD: Dr. Nizar Taki

Dr. Nizar Taki is an Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery resident at Tufts Medical Center and the Chair of the GME Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee. He is the Founder and CEO of Chronability, a productivity app for the iPhone and Apple Watch that helps users get the most of their day and seeks to change the way think about time management.


“It is better to regret something you’ve done, than something you did not do.”

Dr. Taki


Given his limited time as resident and wanting to channel his creative passion and energy, Nizar set out on a path to redefine time and maximize his impact. Listen as Dr. Taki share his journey as full time ENT resident and entrepreneur.

What is your advise to medical student or residents who want to purse an entrepreneurial career? 

Physicians are perfectly positioned to be entrepreneurs with an ability to perform under pressure, having to make tough clinical decisions, and learning to maximize their time given very busy clinical schedules. Learn to maximize your free time and download Chronability!


The Idea: How do you maximize your productivity and make a big impact? Chronability is a productive application for the iPhone and Apple Watch which take a new approach to time management with a focus time freedom not task completion. 

Big Vision: Build an application to change the concept of time that seamlessly integrates with your day, improves your productivity, and allow for you to have a greater impact on the world. 

Failures: Any failure is an opportunity to gain experience and collect data.

Lessons Learned: Choosing the best possible people on your team will increase your chances of success. Build something that fulfills a need.


Best Advice: What is the one thing you can’t get back – Time!

Daily Success Habit: Take control of your day before it gets started. Start your day on your own terms and set an intention for the day.

Healthcare Trends:

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement: Communication errors are one of the three biggest causes of medical errors and preventable events. Improving communication will dramatically improve our efficiency.

Technology: Integration of technology into the patient care experience that will improve efficiency, the patient and physician experience, and make the practice of medicine more fun.


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