Dr. Win Whitcomb shares his entrepreneurial journey running the nation’s first 24/7 hospitalist program, starting the Society of Hospital Medicine, and his exciting work in bundled payments at Remedy Partners.

The ModernMD: Dr. Win Whitcomb

Win Whitcomb, MD, MHM, is Chief Medical Officer of Remedy Partners, where he oversees all aspects of the clinical enterprise, and the intersection between clinical, technology, and business areas. A practicing hospitalist for the past twenty years, Win has led the development of the hospitalist specialty since 1994, when he assumed leadership of the nation’s first 24/7 on-site hospitalist program. Dr. Whitcomb is cofounder and past president of the Society of Hospital Medicine. Dr. Whitcomb was one of the first three to receive hospital medicine’s most prestigious achievement award, the Master in Hospital Medicine, in April 2010.


“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

Woody Allen


Dr. Whitcomb trained in internal medicine and lead the nation’s first 24/7 hospitalist program at Mercy Hospital in Springfield MA. Dr. Whitcomb shares his journey starting the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM), pioneering the field of hospitalist medicine, and his transition to full time entrepreneur.


The Idea: Can bundled payments improve quality care and reduce cost? Bundled payments are an innovative new payment model that includes financial and performance accountability in episodes of care. Listen as Dr. Whitcomb shares his work at Remedy Partners and their big vision to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery, quality of care, and increase patient satisfaction.

Biggest Lesson Learned: Physician leadership is critical for any healthcare organization to successfully to transition into value based payments. Listen as Wins shares his insights for physicians looking to lead the charge!


Best Advice: Fail, Fail fast if you are going to fail, and don’t be afraid to fail. Take chances, and get a little crazy!

Daily Success Habit: Go off the beaten path and read bodies of knowledge related to medicine. The exciting insights and innovations come from connecting these dots at the major intersections.   

Healthcare Trends:

Empathy: At the core of the medical profession, physicians must be able to deeply connect, understand, and empathize with their patients.  By enhancing our empathy, we can improve the patient experience.

Transitional Care: Patient transitions between care setting and venues with limited access to immediate primary care. New payment models and delivery systems are creating a new business case for a transitional care company to create and specialize in outpatient clinics that leverage technology and new care codes to improve transitions of care.


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