Dr. Jean Nehme shares his entrepreneurial journey and big vision for globally changing healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

The ModernMD: Dr. Jean Nehme

Dr. Jean Nehme is the CEO & Co-Founder of Touch Surgery, a mobile surgical simulation App that allows surgeons to learn and rehearse surgical procedures. Touch Surgery’s goal is to improve accessibility to the best surgical education for surgeons and patients via 3D stimulation. Jean trained in Plastics and Reconstructive surgery has an honors degree in Surgical Simulation and Technology from Imperial College London.


“You are a prisoner of your own beliefs.”

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Why can’t medicine and surgery be delivered in a way that is more fun? Why is everyone not the best doctor? Jean went into medicine with the goal of being the best doctor and having fun! During his Plastics & Reconstructive surgery training, he started to think about how to take surgical procedural training, map it out, and simplify the process. Listen as he shares his journey from scrubs to tee-shirt, jeans, and colorful tennis shoes and how he took his passion for gaming and his desire for making medicine fun, and co-founded Touch Surgery.

What is your advice to other physician entrepreneurs transitioning?

You are going to make mistakes, embrace them, question them, and learn from them.


The Idea: Why is there so much variability in medical training and education? Can a mobile medical application improve patient outcomes? Listen as Jean shares the big vision for Touch Surgery to improve accessibility to the best surgical education and improve patient outcomes.

Failures: Jean shares some his early mistakes starting Touch Surgery including: thinking that he needed to hire an MBA to run the company, listening to advice from so-called experts, and not correctly allocating resources.

Lesson Learned: Admit your mistakes early, and react to them quickly and appropriately.


Best Advice: Listen to everyone who has advice for you and learn to be an active listener.

Daily Success Habit: Jean does not have a daily routine, which allows him to think about what he is doing from as many different directions as possible.

Healthcare Trends: Listen as Dr. Nehme shares his excitement for healthcare technology in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Virtual Reality. 


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