Dr. Josh Umbehr shares his entrepreneurial journey, passion for direct primary care, and his plans DPC world domination.

The ModernMD: Dr. Josh Umbehr

Dr. Josh Umbehr is the Founder of AtlasMD, a Direct Primary Care Premiere EMR/Practice Management software. Josh is board certified family medicine physician and owner at AtlasMD, a concierge membership based family practice clinic that offers unlimited services at a flat monthly fee. Dr. Umbehr is a leader in Direct Primary Care (DPC) and recently launched http://iamdirectcare.com/ to help other physicians transition to DPC practices. 


“Try not to be come a man of success, but rather a man of value.”

Albert Einstein


Josh’s inspiration for a cash only membership practice model was from his experience working with his dad in the trash hauling business. As a high school student, he worked for a top rated plastic surgeon as part of his billing and coding department and quickly realized clinical medicine was just one aspect to running a successful medical practice. Listen as Josh shares his journey transitioning directly from residency to building the AtlasMD dream.

How can you transition directly from residency to building a direct care primary business?

Josh and his partners built the AtlasMD model during the last nine months of residency with capital from moonlighting.  Listens as Josh shares his tips for residents on a successful transition to direct primary care practice!


The Idea: What is the big vision for AtlasMD? Listen as Josh shares his journey starting AtlasMD and his world domination strategy for direct primary care. 

Failures: Fail fast, fail early, fail often and learn from failure.

Success: As an entrepreneur, look for opportunities that no one else sees.

Lesson Learned: Good artist borrow and great artist steal! In the sport of business watch what other are doing successfully and copy it.


Best Advice: Work ethic, be unreasonable, and demand change! “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” – George Bernard Shaw

Daily Success Habit: Josh empty’s his email everyday and most successful habit is reading.

Healthcare Trends:

Direct Primary Care: Direct Primary Care is hitting its stride with the model being strongly validated and ready for massive scale and expansion. 

Technology: Technology is moving at an exciting speed with wearables, devices, applications will drive large scale healthcare change. 


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