Dr. Michael Yuz is serial entrepreneur with a fascination for technology, the internet, and medicine. Dr. Yuz shares his entrepreneurial journey, passion for teleradiology and telemedicine, and his big vision of ‘putting a dent in the planet’.

The ModernMD: Dr. Michael Yuz

Dr. Michael Yuz, MD, MBA is the CEO and Founder of USARAD Holding Inc, an advanced teleradiology and telemedicine company. Michael is also the CEO and Founder of SecondOpinions.com, a medical consultation and second opinion platform, providing second opinion services in all areas of medicine including radiology. Dr. Yuz is double boarded in diagnostic radiologist with extensive training and experience in multiple advanced modalities including MRI and Cardiac CT.


“Hard work and persistence are the secret ingredients to any success story.”

Dr. Yuz


Michael started his entrepreneurial journey with a newspaper route business at the age of 14 which he grew from 20 clients to 1,000 clients in 18 months. During these early years, he learned the value of customer satisfaction, hard work, and persistence. At the end of medical school, he sold the newspaper route business and started two new ventures: domain name trading and real estate. Listen as Michael shares his early business experiences, passion for business, his start in teleradiology and telemedicine.


The Idea: Create a high quality teleradiology company with a focus on sub-subspecialty services, quick turn around times, and a cheaper price point. Listen as Dr. Yuz shares his journey starting USARAD, an on demand teleradiology platform. After a family event, he expanded his vision and built SecondOpinions, a medical consultation and second opinion platform, to offer medical second opinions globally.

Success: Expanded initial teleradiology offering to include additional telemedicine services in multiple specialities.

Lesson Learned: Never underestimate anyone, always give people a chance, and never judge. Listen as Dr. Yuz shares his story running into a billionaire from China.


Best Advice: Work hard, be persistent, never give up, ignore the naysayers, and good things will happen. 

Daily Success Habit: Michael developed a habit which he calls ‘solid state brain’ which allow him to be productive and alert 24/7!! Listen for more on his ‘superhuman’ habit and how he has trained his brain to work like a hard drive with an on/off switch.

Healthcare Trends: Teleradiology and telemedicine will transform the way medicine is practiced with most of medicine being practiced online. 


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