Dr. Julien Pham shares his entrepreneurial journey and passion for bringing specialist knowledge to patient care in a simple and convenient way.

The ModernMD: Dr. Julien Pham

Dr. Julien Pham, MD, MPH, is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer at RubiconMD. Prior to joining RubiconMD full-time, he was on the faculty at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Julien is the founder of RHINNO (Rapid Health Innovation), the first-of-its-kind internal digital health innovation lab at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Dr. Pham is board certified in internal medicine and nephrology.


“You are only as important as the impact you have on others.”

Julian Pham


Dr. Pham pursed a traditional academic medicine track with focus on translational research.  After facing a major obstacle with grant funding, he started down a new path to pursue his passion in entrepreneurship and hack medicine. Listen as Julien shares how he brought the spirt of hacking to the academic medical center and his journey from academic medicine to full-time physician entrepreneur.


The Idea: How can you connect primary care physicians with specialist in the most efficient way? Listen as Dr. Pham shares the journey of RubiconMD and their big vision of democratizing medical expertise. 

Failures: Challenges with hiring the right talent given the risk and sacrifice required in an early stage start up.

Success: Built a strong team of doers. 

Lesson Learned: Entrepreneurship is about the journey and experience.


Best Advice: Be passionate about an idea and really go for it!

Daily Success Habit: Julien shares his early morning routine which includes responding to emails, staying up to date on current events, and managing the RubiconMD physician network. He also shares his productively ninja tips with online tools and technology to improve his efficiency.   

Healthcare Trends:

Accountable Care: Healthcare is shifting to accountable care with a focus on improving efficiency, reducing cost, and better understanding a population.

Data: Focus on data transfer and interoperability with data being used to help manage populations and Accountable Care Organizations.


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