Dr. Benjamin Berk shares his entrepreneurial journey and passion for improving healthcare systems and patient outcomes.

The ModernMD: Dr. Benjamin Berk

Dr. Benjamin Berk, MD, MS&E provides strategic and operational consulting services to innovative payers, providers, health services organizations, and investors.  Benjamin is a Senior Advisor and Content Consultant for Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) and Faculty member for The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice. Previously, Dr. Berk was the Vice President of Population Health for Iora Health and Principle at Boston Consulting Group.


“Population health is created one patient at a time.”



Benjamin started as a software engineer building clinical information systems and clinical decision support software.  As he did not want to spend his career behind a computer screen, he decided to go to Stanford Medical school.  During medical school, he realized he was more interested in the ‘big picture’ and made the decision to purse his ‘business residency’ at BCG. Listen as Dr. Berk shares his journey, reasons for going into consulting, and his start-up adventures.


The Idea: How can you transform primary care and improve patient outcomes? Listen as Dr. Berk shares his journey at Iora Health and his passion for transforming primary care.

Failures: Benjamin shares his thoughts on the value of failure as a learning opportunity that drives innovation. He also shares insights into fear of failure and success motivators in the US vs. UK healthcare marketplace.

Lessons Learned: The buy vs. build technology decision – Learn when buy software and when to build and promote rapid innovation. 


Best Advice: “Opportunity is everywhere.” –  Benjamin’s parents

Daily Success Habit: Takes personal time daily to relax away from work without distractions. 

Healthcare Trends:

Value Based Healthcare: Healthcare is moving to larger systems with value based care and accountable care.

Healthcare Technology: Clinical dashboards are being brought to the point of care with actionable data.


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