Dr. Trishan Panch shares his entrepreneurial journey and vision for building healthcare technology that matters.

The ModernMD: Dr. Trishan Panch

Dr. Trishan Panch, MD, MPH, is the Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Wellframe, a healthcare technology company comprised of engineers, clinicians, and data scientist dedicated to reorganizing healthcare resources around the needs of patients. Dr. Panch is a primary care physician and Harvard trained health systems expert. He was an MIT lecturer in health sciences and technology and the inaugural recipient of Harvard’s Public Health Innovator of the Year award in 2012. Previously he served as Clinical Director of Sana Mobile at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.


“If you are not feeling like you are at the edge of your ‘license’ you are not trying hard enough.”

Dr. Trishan Panch

“Starting a company is easy, but building a business is really hard.”

Wellframe Investor


Where are all the patients coming from? How can we organize our healthcare resources more efficiently? To answer these big questions, Trishan went from practicing primary care in Britain to studying Health Policy and Management at Harvard. Listen as Trishan describes his transition from academic clinical medicine to building Sana Mobile with a student group at MIT, and his big vision to use information systems to better manage patients with chronic diseases at Wellframe. 

How can physicians add value in the entrepreneurial space?

Physicians can add unique value with their detailed context and understanding of clinical systems, help build and develop detailed specifications for technology products, and drive clinical implementation of new technical solutions.


The Idea: How can you organize care around each patient’s needs using mobile technology? How can you provide patient’s with daily feedback, enhance communication, and drive meaning? Listen as Trishan shares Wellframe’s big vision for the future.

Failures: In healthcare, the person with the problem is generally not the one with the ability to solve it. Dr. Panch shares Wellframe pivot from it’s initial product in the consumer health space to its focus on the cardiac rehabilitation space and then the expansion to all chronic diseases.

Success: Build quickly and learn from your all successes and failures.

Lesson Learned: Don’t just have big ideas, but also have little ideas. All the little ideas add up into a big change. It is critically important to have both going on at the same time.


Best Advise: “Stay humble and stay persistent.” – Jacob Sattelmair, CEO of Wellframe

Daily Success Habit: Regular physical exercise to help improve focus and mental health.

Healthcare Trends: Listen as Dr. Panch brilliantly discusses three major trends in healthcare.

Process Science/Standardization – How do we improve process design and allow for massive customization?

Reengineering of the Incentives system – How are new payment models and incentive driving change?

Technology and Mobile Devices – What is the impact of cheaper device costs and increasing wireless access?


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