Dr. Maulik Majmudar shares his journey from academic cardiology to the entrepreneurial world and his vision of changing personal heart health and academic innovation.

The ModernMD: Dr. Maulik Majmudar

Dr. Maulik Majmudar, M.D. is an Associate Director of the MGH Healthcare Transformation Lab, a clinical cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, and an Instructor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Majmudar is a founding member of Quanttus and currently serves as their Chief Clinical Officer. He is an active member of the healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship community, and is a Clinical Advisor to AliveCor and Medical Advisor to Prevently. 


“Life is too short to let fear make big decisions for you”



Completed the traditional medical track and during his postdoctorate in Cardiovascular medicine, he became interested in the changing healthcare economy. Listen as Maulik discusses his career pivot from academic cardiology and basic sciences to spending 85% of his time in healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship.


The Idea: Can we fundamentally transform how people think about their personal health? Can we for the very first time continuously measure physiology and can we learn something about the individual and how that individual fits into the population? Listen as Maulik shares the story of Quanttus’s big vision to solve heart health.

The Idea (BONUS): How do you innovate in academic medical centers? Listen as Maulik shares the story of Co.Create, an academic incubator at Massachusetts General Hospital, and its vision to support collaboration among entrepreneurs and the healthcare community to build scalable and sustainable ventures. 

Failures: The probability of success is very low with 95% of ventures not making it to the finish line. You can’t be a part time entrepreneur and think you will have full time success.

Success: How do you drive adoption? You must understand all the different pieces that govern your success and failure. Effective navigation and understanding of the healthcare ecosystem will reduce your market adoption risk.


Best advice: Advise from Bill Aulet, Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take” – Wayne Gretzky.

Success Habit: Keep your mind open and read things outside of your domain to make important connections.

Healthcare Trends: Listen as Maulik shares his thoughts on exciting trends.

Next generation of mobile, digital, and wearable technologies that address a specific healthcare need.

Digital healthcare transition from consumer and wellness to a focus on clinical and disease based care.

Increase in companies seeking FDA clearance.

Big Data with a focus on big knowledge and big insights.


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